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ALL THINGS CONSIDERED 12x12x2 mixed medium is one of 3 pieces now being shown at Monkdogz in New York

My other site is quite tame... http://www.kathysart.com represents my In Search of Klimt series and on its ‘back pages’ you will find my older series of work . It includes free coloring pages of mermaids, fairies, whimsical angels, goddess and fantasy art, as well as a letter from the tooth fairy, all child friendly.  My newsletters that go out to subscribers from that site includes uplifting views from fantasy faery tales I’ve written, to real life issues and goes out about once a month.

As an artist the goal I struggle with is to break free from worries; Who will like this?  Will it sell?; Will the followers of my other site approve?  Will my friends still like me? lol  My goal though must be true to myself and meet the struggle of knowing who I am as an individual.  kathysart.com is a lot about understanding someone else, Gustav Klimt .  On the back pages it studies the images of various cultures. None of those things represent who I really am, except for the passions I feel toward fantasy, color and attitude.  I confess that I am truly not sure of who I am.   Is anyone?  I hope this site will aid me in finding that out.  kathysart.com taught me a lot though, so I don’t want to convey that I don’t feel gratitude for all I learned from it, and am still learning from it. It is tame though and hopefully, this one won’t be.

I hope you gain something  here and embrace your own journey, each and every second of it, no matter how difficult.  Trials will always come and we will be bound by them forever... or not.

Life must be respected and treasured.   The road ahead will have no value, if you don’t see that the breath taken at this very second is more important than today’s pain or  tomorrow’s sunrise, no matter how spectacular that might be. 

~ Kathy

btw, I am Lily and Lily is quite often me.  I refer to her often in my writings.

Currently showing my art in New York         Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery

"Small but Perfectly Formed" Small Works

November 14 - 23 2013

Reception: Thursday, November 21, 2013 6-8pm                                                         Terminal Stores, 261-271 Eleventh Ave, New York, NY 516-655-1000 marina@monkdogz.com  http:www.monkdogz.com

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  On this site you will find nude art, beautiful women goddess art, poetry, thoughts.  I consider this to be a tame site but it is NOT designed for children nor the easily offended. Sculptures and paintings are explained by prose and story. Music is added with videos for a bit of ambience, so do turn them on to understand my full intension with each work.  I like to consider as many of our 5 (6) senses as possible, so all you need is some chocolate and a cup of coffee!